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Compass Studio is bringing our unparalleled design sense and high-end build quality to the South Carolina Lowcountry.  The Ohio – South Carolina connection is strong, with many of our trusted clients owning homes in the South Carolina area.  With a passion for traditional principles, contemporary living and style, Compass Studio is a perfect fit for the sophisticated and historical nature of the South Carolina Lowcountry home. 


Compass Studio started as a boutique residential construction company on the East side of Cleveland, Ohio.  The company was founded by John Park under the name Compass Studio in 2006, with the goal of creating a more streamlined process for delivering high-end construction results and quality to the Cleveland area.  At the time John was already a construction veteran, with decades of experience in the high-end residential construction market.  Through the years, his strong desire to succeed and passion for delivering at the highest level to his clients caused him to collaborate with his sons and expand the business, adding architecture as well as interior design to the company in 2016.  Both of John’s sons purchased Compass Studio in 2021 and carry on his legacy of excellent design, quality, and service.  Joseph, a licensed architect, leads the design studio, and Jonathan, a degreed engineer, runs the business and operations. 



With a degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Cincinnati, Jonathan spent 15 years in the chemical industry working in a research and commercialization capacity at various start-up companies.  Throughout this time Jonathan was able to bring his analytical approach to these companies allowing him to impact both the science and financials of each start-up. He brings his unique understanding of process and analysis to JP Compass, working to facilitate a transparency and excellence in the home construction industry.



With over 17 years’ experience and a Masters of Architecture from the esteemed University of Michigan, Joseph delivers a classically trained approach to architecture and design with a passion for finding the balance between function and beauty.  His ability to blend architectural principles with the unique personalities and life patterns of each client delivers on excellence, creativity, and beauty. Joseph is tremendously proud of his collaborative design team and their ability to create pleasing spaces and creatively luxurious experiences for each client and their families.




Tom Zugan is a residential home building pro, with over 20 years of experience in high-end renovation and new build.  His vast construction knowledge, coupled with his attention to detail, his great care for the customer and his high standard of quality, make him an ideal partner and project manager for your home transformation.

Tom has been an employee at Compass Studio in Cleveland, Ohio for over 10 years and during that time, saw most of his children move to the SC area.  In an effort to reunite his family, Tom moved to South Carolina, and Compass Studio is excited to come with him, making a positive impact on residential design and construction in the South Carolina area.

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